Our Short History

How we’ve started our small firm.

Zohreh Alisadeghi and her husband, Mohammed Amir-Jabbari, didn’t want to pursue anything fancy or complicated in life. They valued simplicity and warmth, and when the opportunity came up to open their own restaurant, they worked hard at retaining those values.
One of the things they wouldn’t compromise on was the quality of their food. “Everything is almost all homemade” says Zohreh. “Just the beef and lamb – it comes from the factory – but the other things, we make by ourselves.” They chop all the vegetables themselves, season and cook the chicken, and use secret recipes to make the sauces. It may sound like extra work to some, but to the owners of Uncle Moe’s Donair, there’s just no other way of running a restaurant. “That’s why it’s so healthy,” adds Zohreh.

When Uncle Moe’s Donair had its grand opening on September 23, 2014, many in the community came out to cheer on their favourite adopted uncle and see the kinds of foods he and Zohreh would serve. The menu is carefully crafted to reflect Moe and Zohreh’s Middle Eastern heritage, featuring lamb, chicken, beef, and falafels.
Zohreh says Moe’s favourite is the chicken, hands down, and that he’ll always choose her favourite, Zohreh says she doesn’t have just one. “I like all of them,” she laughs. “If I didn’t like them, I couldn’t prepare them.”
Zohreh is also hard pressed to pin down what she enjoys most about working at Uncle Moe’s Donair. For her and Moe, part of it is being able to grow as part of the community and form relationships with those who come in the door. “It’s not just making friends,” she says. “I am really enjoying talking with the people and communicating with them, and I can learn many things from them.”